The Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP)

The Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP), is a long-running state-funded program that provides home loans and down payment assistance to Maryland residents who meet certain income qualifications. You can earn a relatively high income and still qualify (over $90,000 a year in income is allowed for 1 person households!).The core of the program is help with down payments, lower financing interest rates, and closing costs assistance that are offered through a network of approved lenders.

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Some of the available incentives include: 

  • An easy 0% deferred Down Payment Assistance loan of up to $8,500
  • SmartBuy student loan mortgages which eliminate your student loan debt (or a large portion of it)
  • A Partner Match program where specific local employers and organizations offer additional loans & grants. This can be up to $3,500 or more!
  • Other programs inside the MMP program become available from time to time, with special incentives.

A more detailed MMP information site is available here. Also, visit our brokerage pages to get fast help with using MMP.

MMP is available throughout Maryland

The Maryland Mortgage Program is available to those purchasing a home in any Maryland County. Take advantage of the funding and available assistance!

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