The SmartBuy Program in Maryland

The State of Maryland is one of the first states to offer a state-funded home buying initiative to eliminate student loan debt for first time home buyers. Student loan debt can be a major obstacle for some when qualifying for their first mortgage, and the new SmartBuy Program eliminates your student loan debt as part of your home purchase for qualified individuals. SmartBuy:

  • Pays off your student debt by paying up to 15% of your home's purchase price to eliminate the debt;
  • Provides you with one convenient payment per month;
  • Enables you to access attractive financing & closing cost assistance;
  • Ensures a safe, streamlined, & straightforward home buying experience;

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You must be able to qualify to purchase through the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) in order to get the SmartBuy funds. The MMP program is primarily income-based dependent upon your household size and which Maryland County you want to buy a home in.

Part of The Maryland Mortgage Program

SmartBuy is offered through the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP), the state's flagship homebuyer assistance program for more than 30 years. Traditionally, the MMP program provides favorable fixed-rate mortgages, primarily to first-time homebuyers, along with other down payment and closing cost incentives.

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Looking to make a SmartBuy while getting rid of your student loan? Our real estate agents offer full service assistance with SmartBuy, the Maryland Mortgage Program and a variety of other state, city and private mortgage programs. We're licensed in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Check us out at

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